EDI does not have to be expensive.
Full transparency and automatic order processing
with all major companies - worldwide.

One platform

does it all

Don't let orders get lost in the process. primeXchange automatically accepts new orders, translates them and delivers in seconds. You see every order at every stage and know exactly what you need to do next to get your products to the customer on time. With primeXchange you only need one system to connect all your business partners.

Make it easy

on yourself

Save yourself the struggle with an armada of protocols, keys and certificates. With us you minimize your effort and have more time for the important work.

We get you


Send and receive your EDI arsenal with the knowledge that you meet all requirements. Our dedicated team will set up your connections and test them with your partners.

It's already


Your EDI projects manage themselves - with us! Your next venture is in safe hands because we offer full or interim EDI project management with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction at low cost.

Will be made

to fit

Prevent the patchwork carpet in your application landscape with an individual solution that is seamlessly integrated and future-proof.